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Viper4android is the most successful audio adjusting tool that compatible with almost all Android smartphones without hesitation. If you strive after strive to enhance the output audio quality to an ear-pleasing output, the most important and the easiest method is Viper4android APK free download. All the possible downloads are able to pick from this non-profitable Viper4android APK web store. Which means all the available direct downloads do not charge any monetary cost for the offering. Download Viper4android APK contains a large number of high-definition sound correcting options portioned into four categories entitled Headset, Phone Speaker, Bluetooth and USB/Dock. Considering options that contain the sound correcting tool, there are a variety of inherent options in this Viper4android APK free download environment to improve the equalizer. Some directly change the sound while others slightly predispose the output audio quality with correcting puls of multi-channel digital audio. The updated latest Viper4android version revamped the GUI and finally upgraded both Viper4android FX and XHiFi materialized version have flattened the toughness of engaging in audio filtering.

What are Viper4android FX and XHiFi Versions

Viper4android APK Download

In the download Viper4android APK app environment is occurs two separate formats as FX and XHiFi. The main difference between these items is the FX version includes a number of audio effects that can adjust the standard sound output to a Dolby digital one. You are able to change multiple values of all kinds of filters in an easy way is another advantage of the Viper4android FX edition. This is optimal for Bluetooth, USB or named outside speaker that clearly changes the bass, treble, reverb, surround and the majority of a music control panel. The intervene of the XHiFi edition comes when you are using a high-quality headset for listening to music. This Viper4android APK free download allows usrs to use both apps simultaneously, there is no matter but definitely requires more CPU usage. Unfortunately, Viper4android XHiFi has stopped manufacturing an updating at this moment.

Download Viper4android APK FX - Changes Log

  • V4A v2.5.0.5
    • Fixed incompatibility issues and revamped.
    • Improved the graphical user interface (GUI).
    • Added quad-channel sterio convolver support.
    • Added FET processor to week signal amplification.
    • Ability to change storage path.
    • Bug fixings.

  • V4A v2.1.0.1
    • Added AnalogX sound feature.
    • Fixed critical bugs.

  • V4A v2.2.1.1
    • Introduced differential audio effect.
    • Add channel plan setting.
    • Expanded the field sound setting menu.

  • V4A v2.2.1.0
    • XHiFi Clarity mode added.
    • Fixed previously reported bugs.
    • Stopped XHiFi updates.

  • V4A v2.2.0.9
    • Fidelity control system moves into the app.
    • Surround engine improvements.
    • fixed minor bugs.

  • V4A XHiFi v2.1.0.1
    • Added compatibility with speaker effects.
    • Fixed bug issues.

Briefly describe Latest Viper4android Settings

  • Master Power: This is the main power which of Viper4android APK free download enables and disables the Android sound corrections for the headset.

  • Playback Gain Control: control the audio volume dynamically is the main purpose of the feature. Effect Strength represents the speed of amplification or attenuation. If the original sound note is too small the Max Gain level up the volume while Max Output handles the maximum amplification of the PlaybackAGC sound in decibels.

  • FIR Equalizer: You are able to select equalizer settings from preset options. There are over 10 bands of FIR linear Equalizer to select and custom volume changes too.

  • Convolver: The measure of this option what encounter in download Viper4android APK free app begins with the installation of Impulse Response (IR) sample. Load samples from /ViPER4Android/Kernel/ folder to take advantages.

  • Field Surround: The major achievement of the function is changing surround effects on the audio output. The field surrounds strength setting up the output sound strength.

  • Reverberation: This option simulates the audio environment in a mathematical method according to Viper4android APK powers. Select room size per each space is the main target of the function. Sound field, Damping Factor, Wet Signal, Dry Signal are the other settings to improve the mentioned option.

  • Dynamic System: The dynamic range which represents bass, treble, and limiting are handled by this feature. Change values of this measure categorized into sections for your easy comprehension.

Download Viper4android APK

Use "" as the unzip password

Latest Viper4android Version

After multiple improvements and testings for a long time, V4A v2.6.0.4 has released with multiple capabilities. It holds a pretty good app source for the basement. All the features that encounter in the previous v2.5.0.5 have upgraded and powered with more abilities. Now the latest Viper4android works with a large number of devices range as same as the compatibility of V4A version but expanded the compatible device database added more items obviously. That is why the updated latest Viper4android app version of the sound correcting mobile app is a combination of three most succeeds app editions. Hence, the latest Viper4android is the recommended for all audio filtering performances.

Requirements and Downloads

  • A rooted Android smartphone is required in the manner. Download officially unleashed root tools from the below section.
    • Samsung Odin
    • CF Auto Root
    • Kingroot
    • Rootkhp
    • OnePlus Root
    • Xiaomi Root
  • Download Busy Box APK and install the file on your perfectly rooted Android mobile.
  • Perform Viper4android APK free download from the above section.
  • Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging before connecting the application to the PC that you use to root the mobile.

How to Install Viper4android APK Free

  • Take a complete backup and root the mobile correctly.
  • Download BusyBox APK and install on your smartphone.
  • Install the sound correcting application referring the above section.
  • Open the app at the end of the installation and tap "Yes" to update driver software.
  • It will ask for root permissions then. Tap "Grant" to permit access.
  • The driver loading will start in the next moment. It will display a notification in the end.
  • Reboot the smartphone as the final step.

Troubleshooting - The Latest Viper4android

If the smartphone does not run V4A correctly, follow the following steps to troubleshoot the application. You have to gather some special necessitates completing the installation and the utilization. It is not capable of running perfectly without any of the exposed tools or steps. That is why follow officially informed instructions only for the manner. Take a look at the below steps if you already faced troubles with download Viper4android APK free application.

  • Check whether the device has rooted correctly and have installed a root manager app such as SuperSU or SuperUser.
  • Make sure that you have installed most compatible APK that support your smartphone.
  • Uninstall the entire application from the smartphone and then re-install the official application that compatible with your mobile device.
  • Use Compatible mode to install the tool again. Go to >> Sound Settings >> Music Effects.
  • If the matter not fixed, return to normal mode, change sound settings to force enable.


Download Viper4android APK free is the official application that can change settings for Android audio processing. If you need to gain Dolby digital sound output on any Android smartphone, this tool helps you to gain such a perfect and an enhanced audio output in a short while. Rooting is an urgent requirement. The audio correcting tool does not provide full functionality until it breaches limitations. The latest Viper4android is an outside third-party app when considering Google services. So that the Android team does not allow users to install Android package kits what do not follow official regulations. If you are eager to enhance the sound output of any Android smartphone that running with 2.3 Gingerbread or higher version, Viper4android APK free download wipes all the matters related to sound corrections.