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Improving the standard audio quality on Androids is the most famous dream of the majority of average users. While modifying the Android audio experience there are a number of third-party applications encounter concerning the improvement of the audio processing. Though you bestow any sound equalizer on an Android mobile, nothing offers a smooth sound correction than Viper4android APK download.

Download Viper4android

Viper4android APK at a glance

Viper4android download is a free mod rising immense music creator that serves a large number of benefits. The tool that requires several necessities for upgrading the music experience is another great creation of the XDA developers. With the latest GUI that based on Material Design, achieve the ear-pleasing equalizer is much easier than previous editions. It is now in full comprehendible interface with such a wide array of advantages categorized into multiple tabs entitled Headset, Phone speaker, Bluetooth and USB/Dock. Each partition includes attributes that inherent to Viper4android APK download to improve the equalizer of your mobile device easily.

Moreover about Viper4android Measure

Getting engaged in Viper4android download must an official mechanism. That is why you have to visit the official forum that saves Viper4android to pick the officially unleashed error-free sound equalizer. The measure of re-correcting the equalizer with the exposed Viper4android APK download in consonance with all Android mobiles. This is the most valuable characteristic encounters in download Viper4android that drags the sound pleasing software to the peak. Lollipop and higher Android versions are capable to install this application directly but will not offer full functionality until you beach limitations with a simple root manner. All Android editions that unveiled after the v2.3 Gingerbread edition are completely compatible with the Viper4android free download and allow installing only with root privileges. If you eager to enhance the audio output to a Dolby digital one forever, the best measure is to visit the official forum and engage in Viper4android APK download easily.

Download Viper4android APK

The formally unleashed Viper4android sound correcting app contains a plenty of capabilities. All the abilities that covered the system audio processing have exposed under four categories. Some basic attitudes are able to catch only on Viper4android background. There are no any plague plugins deploy in download Viper4android audio processing application obviously. Visit the download page for the sake of download Viper4android. You have to do some real modifications on your smartphone such as root the device with a trusted Android rooting application and the next is installing busy box APK. All the possible downloads occur in the downloads section and able to download directly on any Android mobile after a complete root mechanism. Then, root your smartphone, visit our downloads hub and take advantages easily.

Key Features of Viper4android Download

  • Ability to toggle the master power for each category. In simple, There are four main categories as Headset, Phone speaker, Bluetooth and USB/Dock. All criteria are able to toggle on or off with a single button.
  • Playback Gain Control option has included in all the categories but the Phone Speaker. This could be helpful for an advanced amplitude of closed-loop feedback regulating circuits. Once toggle the button, it controls the signal according to the Viper4android APK app instructions despite variations of the input signal.
  • Enable Viper-DDC is another cool feature of the mentioned audio processing tool. This is the function that presents a neutral audio response from your regular headphones, Bluetooth speakers or USB/Dock.
  • A higher sound spectrum to work with higher frequencies without damaging any single audio filter is the function of Spectrum Extension. Enable this feature gives you a high-quality audio output in Viper4android download free than any other sound correcting application.
  • The FIREqualizer allows users to set up the output equalizer settings to please ears. Download Viper4android APK contains more than ten standard equalizers with a customizing option. You are now totally free to upgrade the output audio quality within a shorter and simple mechanism. Acoustic, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Classical, Deep, Flat, R&B, Rock, Small Speakers, Treble Booster, Treble Reducer, Vocal Booster, and custom are the occurring major equalizer options in Viper4android APK download.
  • Field Surround, Headphone Surround, and Differential Surround functions grants you a natural sound effect as same as you can experience only on Dolby digital speakers. The differential surround is the marvelous attribute than the field surround output but you are unable to keep enabled both simultaneously.
  • The audio output can power up with the same exact characteristics with the Convolver option in the Viper4android.
  • Can enable Reverberation to adjust the sound output to the room size, sound field, damping factor, wet signal and dry signal. Enable this offers you much better audio output in a simple toggle.
  • Dynamic System controls the dynamic range, Bass, Treble, and Limiting. It provided another option as Dynamic Bass for an advanced equalizing. The recommended level is 33%.
  • Reduce higher frequency odd harmonic distortions and rebuild even-order harmonic distortions is the major function of Tube Sound Simulation.
  • Viper Bass and Viper clarity are additional sound effects that make strong the output audio quality. You have to use a bit better headphone to gain these features clearly.
  • All the human beings are different from each other. That is why the auditory system of each person based on the endurance of people. Some need a higher frequency while some not. So the Auditory System Protection controls all frequencies according to your request easily.

How to install Viper4android

Requirements for the installation
  • A rooted Android smartphone that runs under instructions of Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher version.
  • Download Viper4android APK. Refer our downloads section to pick the hasslefree formally unleashed Viper4android APK application.
  • Install Busy Box APK. Click the respective direct download link to get the software for free.
  • Custom recovery installation if necessary. In some cases, Viper4android requires installing the custom recovery such as TWRP and CWM.
  • Take a complete backup before getting engaged in the rooting manner.
  • Maintain enough battery level during the installation.
  • Always use a proper and a trusted rooting application.

Install Viper4android
  • First, take a complete backup and root your Android smartphone properly. This should totally official. Do not mess with unsafe and not certified rooting tools for the rooting achievement. We have exposed more details about rooting the system below.
  • Install Busy Box APK on your rooted smartphone. All the instructions for a safe installation have mentioned below. Refer the guide and then take advantages of Busy Box installation. This is a required manner to download Viper4android.
  • Then click here to visit or enter the URL manually on the default web browser's address bar on your mobile device to get Viper4android APK.
  • Install Viper4android download file on your mobile following the guidelines of regular app installation.
  • Completing the installation grants you powers to open the installed software package. After commencing the project with a simple tap on the app icon it will notify that the app necessitates driver update. Tap "Yes" to continue the mechanism.
  • Acquiring root permissions is the next attitude. The Viper4android download absolutely appear a dialog box with certain buttons. Simply tap "Grant" to permit permissions.
  • The driver loading will start in the next minute. You have to wait another couple of minutes without operating the system until the driver loading completes the installation.
  • It will send you a successful message in the next moment. This means the Viper4android APK installation process has been completed correctly.
  • You have installed the audio processing Viper4android download application correctly. Reboot the smartphone before processing further to enhance the audio output.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat

First of all, note that the exposing instructions manual is not a universal one. This is based on Samsung Odin and the app has specialized only for Samsung Galaxy region only. If you try to utilize the app on other branded devices, it might result in a bricked or malfunctioned smartphone. That is why find the proper rooting guide before executing the process. Fortunately, all the Android-running Samsung Galaxy devices are able to root with this guidance.

Note: use CF auto root, Rootkhp, Kingroot, Oneplus Root, Xiaomi Root or related rooting application to engage in a safe rooting mechanism on other devices except Samsung Galaxy mobile range.

  • Rooting does not cause damaging stored files and folders but it is caveat you to take a proper backup of all the contents that stored in your smartphone storage.
  • Download Samsung Odin and install the application on a Windows personal computer. There is no any other operating system is compatible with this installation. If you need to run the tool on another computer OS, use Heimdall or another virtual machine program for the installation.
  • Download CF Auto Root systemless rooting application from the official server and save the file in an easily reachable location. This is the most important application to root Samsung mobiles easily.
  • You have to install the latest version of device USB driver software to continue the process. Also, you have to enable USB debugging from developer options of your smartphone. If the menu does not visible, find the built number of your mobile and then tap 7 times to enable developer options.
  • Then boot the mobile into download mode by pressing "Home, Power and Volume Down" buttons simultaneously and then connect to the computer using a recommended USB data cable. An uninterrupted USB connection is essential. If the connection gets irregular, the total mechanism will malfunction instantly.
  • If you have installed correct driver software on your PC, the Odin will detect the networked mobile in the next moment.
  • Click "AP" button from the executed Odin interface and then load the downloaded CF Auto Root application into the Odin successfully.
  • Click the "Start" button to begin the project. This might take other extended minutes to complete and will notify you at the end of the rooting manner.

The manner of installing Busy Box APK

  • This is an outside app from the Google Play Store. That is why it is unable to download and install the tool directly because of restrictions on the Google team. Hence, enable "Unknown Sources" from the security settings of your own smart mobile device.
  • It is the time to connect the Android mobile to an established internet connection. Download BusyBox APK on your Android mobile in the next minute. The download speed will base on the bandwidth of the internet connectivity.
  • The automatic installation will start to run at the end of the downloading progress. Let the Android system to install the feature.
  • Open the application after completing the installation. You will note another install button inside the app that located on the left corner of the GUI.
  • Tap the detailed button and then wait a moment until it completes the mechanism.
  • After downloading all required binary files, the procedure will notify that the process has been completed.

Additional Factors Encounter in Viper4android

The latest version of Viper4android APK download application is compatible with the Android 8.0 Oreo devices. The material design of the main window revamps the GUI and now it has flattened the hard mechanism. All the driver versions that higher than are supporting with the final update of Viper4android. Effect type switching bug has corrected and also revamped multiple service drops. The single key updating speed has improved. Now the Viper4android APK free download works in 45x faster than previous versions. The JNI has been updated in the final update of download Viper4android APK. Driver installation has enhanced. Now, all the real working drivers have included in this Viper4android download. Patched Selinux OS properly, automated Magisk compatible and the easter egg are core attributes that upgrade the power of Viper4android APK.


There are two types of Viper4androd apps entitled FX and XHiFi. Both follow the same way to install and uninstall on any rooted Android mobile. That is why there are no any hesitating arrangements for installing the tool. Use the exposed installation guide to take advantages of your smart object. The uninstallation is such a simple process. Just go to option and then choose the uninstall drivers option from the menu. The APK will uninstall itself. Then be sure to reboot your smartphone to confirm the uninstalled application and to remove installed related files. Impulse Response (IR) adding manner is much easier with Viper4android. Download necessary files to the kernels folder that already created in the Viper4android folder of the SD card or the internal storage. Then open the application, checkbox "impulse response" and then load downloaded samples into the application.

Thanks to Developers

Download Viper4android APK is another great advanced invention of the XDA developers and the total credit are acquired by them.